Discovering Global Talent
with Awareness in the ESG era


THE PL:LAB INDEPTH is a solution that can identify and manage various compliance risks at
an individual level, which was prior managed and supervised at an organizational level.

THE PL:LAB INDEPTH introduces:
Human Risk Assessment (HRA)

INDEPTH HRA is a new solution specifically designed to lead the recruitment market with
HR professionals who recognize the need to recruit the right talent for ESG management and validate human risk

Human Risk Management in the ESG Era
Why do we need to manage Human Risk?

  • Sustainable management practices

    ESG Management is a KEY FACTOR in
    future sustainable management

  • ESG Performance Evaluation

    HUMAN RISK has become an
    important factor to consider in ESG
    performance evaluation

  • Acquire Human Talent/ Prevent Human Disaster

    For ESG Management, it is essential
    to not only acquire Human Talent but
    also prevent Human Disasters

  • Reference Check

    A Quantitative/ Objective candidate reputation inquiry service to minimize recruitment risk